Window Blind Cleaning

Our technicians have been trained to clean horizontal blinds, pleated shades, duettes, silouettes and both metal and fabric verticals. Some blinds that have room-darkening backings may not be able to be cleaned.

The technician will inspect the blinds for damage or broken parts prior to cleaning. The technician will measure and can give you an exact quote before cleaning if needed. They will take down the blinds, and bring them out to our truck, where they will clean them in an ultrasonic bath. This process will clean the entire blind, including the cords, ladders, and head-rails. Then they will put the blinds in a rinse to prevent water spots, and keep the blinds cleaner, for a longer period of time. The technician will rid the blinds of excess moisture and bring the blinds back in, and re-hang them. The blinds usually need to be left in an open position to dry as quickly as possible. Once dry, they can be opened or closed as needed.