upholstery-cleaning-1Our technicians have been trained to clean most types of upholstery, from cottons and velvets to leather, from wet cleaning to dry cleaning. The technicians will measure and can give you an exact quote before cleaning if needed.
The technician will inspect the furniture to be cleaned and will make notes of any spots or damage the fabric has before cleaning. They may test the fabric to see which process may be required to safely clean the fabric.
The technician will then pre-vacuum the upholstery first, and then will pre-treat all spots and pre-spray areas as needed. They will then clean the fabric and extract the cleaning solution. Then they may post-spot any areas if needed, then apply the protective finish, and groom the fabric to set the nap for drying.

The cushions will be tented to allow all sides to dry as quickly as possible, usually 4-6 hours. Any fans or movement of the air across the surface of the upholstery will speed up the drying. Vacuum after it is dry, and on a regular basis to keep up its appearance.