Wood Floor Refurbishing

We can refurbish certain wood floors where the finish has broken down but the stain on the floor is still in good condition. This is a maintenance process, which creates no sanding mess, as opposed to a total refinishing of the floor. We will evaluate the floor to see what condition it is in, and give you a quote before we start.

All furniture must be removed from the room before we start. We can do this for you if you wish.

The first step is to remove any finish that is on the floor using a wet solution to break down and remove the existing finish. After we do this, we then clean the floor to remove any loose particles and then dry the floor. The next step is to apply 2 coats of a water based glossy polyurethane. This polyurethane has virtually no odor and takes a few hours to dry, depending on the humidity and air movement that is present when finished.

The floor should not be walked on for 6 hours and furniture should not be moved back for 48 hours.